Sunday, August 28, 2016

Must Haves for the Fit Teacher

Back to school.  Ugh.  I know.  I don't even want to say it.  But if we're going to go in pouting and stomping, we may as well do it in style, right? So let's get to it and check out my picks for the fashionably fit teacher in us all!  

1. Scout bags.  Love this multi pocket style in Flamingo Road.  Perfect size for your laptop, tablet, papers, and pockets to specially fit your water and shake bottles.  Doesn't get more perf than that!

2. How cute are these meal prep containers?  You know you can't actually leave the building for lunch, so you may as well prep healthy in advance and add a little motivation to the hour (or 20 minutes.. whichever ;)) as well!

3. A cute coffee mug to go.  Even with the Shakeo, I will always love my morning coffee or tea.  I don't even think it's about the caffeine need necessarily, but just a habit I've gotten into and an aroma I need to start my day.  I literally feel like I'm in a Folgers commercial somedays.  The smell really is that amazing. 

4. Lots of black leggings and long tunics.  Like I mentioned earlier in the spring, I love simplicity.  I no longer have time to be choosing outfit pieces and gathering a new look each day.  I want something I can consistently feel good in that will transition easily from the school day to my workout.  Just a quick shirt and shoe change and I am ready to go! Picked up these basic tops from Kohls to pair with my favorite LuLaRoe and that's my wardrobe.  Done and done!

5. A doable program that takes 30 minutes or less!  Again, these days my life is a race to get my kids as quickly as possible. I am committed to not letting my kids stay in daycare for any more than 9 hours a day.  Which actually sounds like way to much... but it's the best I can do.  For now.. Anyway, a quick workout and one that I can do at home has become an absolute necessity.  And as it turns out there are a LOT of them out there.  Recently I have become a HUGE advocate of Beachbody On Demand because it allows me to stream a variety of workouts and I can do it from anywhere that I have internet access.  No more DVDs. Just me and my laptop.  So whether I end up in the kitchen, the living room, the patio, or my own classroom, it doesn't really matter.  I'm equipped for success.  Contact me to find out how you can try it out for 30 days FREE!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why I Love Running Challenge Groups

It started off slowly.  Actually, I started off "anti".  I was totally into my own routines and saw no purpose in including others.  In fact, it's weird because I am definitely NOT a person who has ever needed anyone to workout with.  I'll even go to the extent of saying I hated working out with other people.  I was self motivated enough to commit to my own goals and introverted enough to enjoy the workout silence.  It was my thing, for myself, by myself, and I didn't really want to share that part of my life with anybody.  I enjoyed my solitary therapy.  And so I've said "no" to basically every fitness group that has crossed my path.

Fast forward a few years.  As a mom, I can't say I am getting out much.  The social aspect of my life has done a complete 180, and my kids are honestly the most socialization that I have.  I love the mom life to death, but it's definitely caused me to go about "socializing" in a whole new way.  Thank you Jesus for Facebook, Instagram, and everything else that some people tend to avoid for whatever reason because they are "fake" or "distracting" or whatever negativeness you want to assign to social media.  For me, the positives outweigh the negatives.  Hands down.

This brings me to challenge groups.  To how they have allowed me to connect with soooo many amazing women who I definitely never would have connected with before.  Challenge groups give me a reason to reach out to people I wouldn't have otherwise. People that I have only admired from afar and thought to myself, we could totally be friends.  But of course I never really spoke with them for fear of seeming "weird" or "awkward".  

Running challenge groups has given me balls.  It's given me confidence.  It's given me a social circle of amazing people, without bars or alcohol involved, who inspire me in the best way.  Of course, it also keeps me accountable as far as health and fitness are concerned, and I know that is really the primary purpose of them.  But truly there is a different, underlying reason why I continue to hold them and reach out to those around me.  And it honestly has nothing to do with me.  It's because I love the camaraderie and friendship that the challenge groups spark.  I love sharing my struggles with people who truly relate and helping one another to become the best version of ourselves.  Because although I am definitely in the business of helping people to reach fitness goals, it really is so much more than that.  It's about connecting a lifestyle that fulfills us, fulfills our family, and helps us to achieve each and every one of our personal goals.  

So are you ready to join the next group?  Reach out to be added!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Whine Sesh!

What up y'all! Happy Wednesday!  Keeping it light and doing a little brain dump this morning, sharing the things that have been driving me up the wall!  Because I do a lot of "favorites" posts and focus on positivity, but hey, there are just some things a girls gotta stay out loud.  And since this blog is also my personal diary, you get to bear witness to what I REALLY think.  No offense intended. This is just for fun.  But for real... the things that I just don't get... 

1. This shirt.  Specifically the saying.  I've seen it everywhere and yes, I get the feeling.  But do people actually wear this?? Give me ONE example of a place you could wear this without being totally rude.  I can't think of one.
2. The engraving on this watch.  It popped up as a sponsored ad on IG and the progressiveness of it totally caught me off guard.  I guess this is what romance has come down to.  And you know what's even crazier?  I tried googling the photo for this blog post and a TON of stuff related to swiping right came up.  I now know I am completely old that I don't even relate to dating rituals of 2016.  Thank you sooooo much Z for marrying me and taking me off the market.  Surely I would never survive!

3. The woman who posted an ISO post on my mom swap Facebook group looking for "Girl clothes.  Name brands only. No Carter's, Target, Walmart, etc."  Honey, you're on a yard sale site!  You can't afford retail yet refuse to be seen in less than name brand sh*t?  Explain your logic.  Please. 

4. The woman who responds to an online yard sale post selling an item for $10, but says she's only willing to pay $8.  Really?  The $2 is really gonna break ya?  You're supporting another family.  Just make it a freaking even amount!

That's it for now.  And completely trivial and not in any way affecting my life.  My things that I found entertaining and wanted to pass on.  Just to get it off my chest ;)  What's your whine of the day?  Post in comments below! 

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Monday, July 25, 2016

My 3 Favorite Fitness Apps

Hey everyone!  With all of the fitness programs going around these days (I mean Beachbody has 27 alone at the moment), it's hard to know what to do, how to stay on track, and how to achieve ultimate results.  What can I say, it's an INDUSTRY people!  One with good intentions for sure, but man are there a lot of products to sort through! 

Wanted to make it easy on everyone and talk apps today.  Specifically the ones I use regularly and have made it in my life through the long haul.  Why apps and not programs?  Because it's 2016.  And in 2016, many of us live on our phones. Yes, we might pop in a DVD or stream an online workout once a day, for the other 23 hours, we're attached to our phones, or at least have them in very close range.  So, here are my favorite apps to keep me on track through life!

1. 21 Day Fix app.  It's free and honestly you don't even have to buy the program to use it.  In fact, I use it as a guide on the regular, even when I am not necessarily following the full 21 Day Fix program.  Pros to this app are that it is quick and easy to track what you eat throughout the day.  The app subtracts it and tells you what you are left with.  I like that it is set up by type of food and not by calories or grams.  Highly simplified.

2. My Fitness Pal.  I like this one because you can literally look up any food of any brand or from any restaurant and it's probably on there along with the nitty gritty of every single nutrient contained.  It can be overwhelming though.  And time consuming because you have to enter each slice of bread, leaf of lettuce, and type of lunch meat separately.  It's a lot of work, but definitely worth trying if just for the sake of seeing exactly what is IN all of these foods you are eating. 

3. My Challenge Tracker app.  This one is also free BUT you would have to be invited by a "coach" to actually use it.  You get an access code and can then log into your app's group.  Here you find motivation and way to track your workouts and Shakeology.  So it's basically everything that the other 2 don't provide.  The missing puzzle piece if you will.  It's also interactive so you can connect with other people and have someone to ask questions to when they come up.  If you'd like access to THIS app, I'd be happy to chat with you about how you can start using it to help you reach your fitness goals!

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